I own and help maintain a few repeaters here in the valley.  They are listed below and are open to all Licensed Amateur Operators.

System Map


NameLocationNode NumberStatus
AZ HubChandler28592Fully Operational
AZ Alternative HubMesa28591Fully Operational

Montycopa Link

FrequencyPLLocationNode NumberStatus
224.840156.7White Tanks28182Fully Operational
442.925100.0White Tanks28189Fully Operational
444.275100.0East Mesa27092Fully Operational
224.920156.7Chandler27607Fully Operational
448.425103.5Pinal Mountain28617Fully Operational
1283.650100.0Pinal Mountain28619Fully Operational

Kingman Link

FrequencyPLLocationNode NumberStatus
145.430100.0White Tanks27168Fully Operational
443.175156.7Kingman "Bob's Hill"28137Fully Operational
448.250131.8Hayden Peak29621Down

Standalone Repeaters

FrequencyPLLocationNode NumberStatus
927.025151.4White Tanks (Voted/Simulcast27044Fully Operational
927.025151.4East Mesa (Voted/Simulcast)27044Fully Operational
927.650151.4Currently being rebuilt.No node number assigned.Awaiting Reinstallation
446.550100.0Goodyear27016Fully Operational


Beep – Boop: Linked CT

Nasa Beep: Standalone CT

Beep – Boop – Bonk: Connected to Remote Base CT
Boop – Boop: Function Complete

CT (Courtesy Tone)

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