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27092 – 444.275 Is UP!

We re-tuned the duplexer and added a band pass filter to the Receiver.  Verified audio levels and verified performance is where it should be.

Allstar Nodes 27044 and 27607 are online!

Yesturday Ed KD7YAT and I went up to Sacaton and made some great progress.  We got the Wifi antenna pointed in the right direction and now have internet there.  I was able to interface 224.920 (Node 27607) and 927.650 (Node 27044) to the node computer, and set all the levels.

444.275 Installed in Its new Home!

We got the “Go Ahead” and installed 444.275 in its new home at Freescale in Chandler, AZ.  It is stand alone as of right now until the internet is installed and then will be linked in to the system.

927.650 and 224.920 are on Sacaton

Jan 18th Chris N7TWW, Mark N7MK and I went up and took down the old antennas, put up the new antennas and ran new 7/8″ hardline.

Jan 24th we returned with repeaters and installed them.  They will eventually be linked into the entire system, but for now are just linked together for now.