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Blu-UP-ick A.K.A. The Chick Mobile & Bluick

Fellow Troop Members, Lend me Your Ears! That wretched engine that made the Bluick into Blu-up-ick has been conquered! Fear not for the beast had been wounded prior to the engagement, therefore conquering was inevitable. But I cannot take all the glory of this battle, for if it was not for mine constant companion, with its shining luster and unbreakable steel. The beast was a formidable foe, for it hath put off its great day of reckoning to gather as much corrosion as possible. Still the beast was no match for this warrior with his wrench and composite impact. The beast struggled at first, not allowing me to remove one of the its vital organs, the torque converter. Being the brilliant warrior that I am, I diverted my efforts to the heads of the beast, first cutting off its air supply, then one of the heads. Alas the second head was most furious. With last effort the beast spat in my face, being wounded as he was, I quickly removed the last head. Serenity! Opened the underbelly of the beast and found massive internally damage to 1/6th of the beast. Its internal clock obliterated, along with 1/6th of lung capacity. Alas this warrior can hang up his armor forever… Or for a bout two years.

Removed motor and tranny
Separated motor and tranny
Engine wouldn’t spin to remove torque converter
Tore engine apart to free up stuck motor
Found cam shaft in four pieces (Internal Clock)
Bearings on No. 1 piston went out cause of lack of oil
No. 1 rod let go and hit both sides of the block cracking both out completely
The rod even took out the camshaft,
The pieces of the camshaft were keeping the assembly from rotating
In removing those pieces, the crank and other 5 piston spun freely