Monthly Archives: July 2011

Netgear WNR3500L = Best router yet!

Been using my Linksys WRT-54G for years, finally decided to upgrade.  Got the 3500L, right out of the box put DD-WRT on it and never looked back.  I was getting around 46 mbps (download) on and around 35 mbps on  With the new router, my ping times are better and getting consistently 62 mbps on both sites.  Not bad for a $70 router.  BTW… Netgear firmware sucks… Glad DD-WRT went so smoothly.

Sacaton Pk is linked back up

Had some router issues at Casa Grande site, something with DD-WRT and PPPoE.  But its all resolved and now linked back in.

New Site Layout

I am currently updating this site, so a few things may be missing but will be back shortly.

Allstar Nodes 27044 and 27607 are online!

Yesturday Ed KD7YAT and I went up to Sacaton and made some great progress.  We got the Wifi antenna pointed in the right direction and now have internet there.  I was able to interface 224.920 (Node 27607) and 927.650 (Node 27044) to the node computer, and set all the levels.

Damage from the Storm

Well sad day in Montycopa… Due to the massive storm that Montycopa head on July 5th, my tower fell and had to be cut down.  Now I have more reason to put up my 90 foot free standing Rohn 🙂

New Wifi Deployment – Casa Grande

On July 4th I put up the Access Point end of a path from my friend’s house in Casa Grande and pointed to the other end being Sacaton Peak.  The other end was already up on Sacaton from the link to Tempe Freescale Tower 444.275 used to live in.  Amazingly enough with the antenna on Sacaton pointing 90 degrees off, they still connected!