Repeater Page

The repeater page has been updated today to reflect our current system. Please take a look and comment if you would like.

900 Mhz Celwave Duplexer Mod

I have a couple of these, and really interested to try this:

27092 – 444.275 Is UP!

We re-tuned the duplexer and added a band pass filter to the Receiver.  Verified audio levels and verified performance is where it should be.

27092 – 444.275 is Down

Looks like we are having a desense issue with the repeater. We have functioned it off, to avoid further damage, until we can get to the site to repair.

10m/6m Remote Base Node 28182 ONLINE!

It is currently deployed at Montycopa hooked to a 6m antenna.  Ed KD7YAT will be building a J Pole for it later so we can take advantage of the 10m side.

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Incoming Echolink Connections Limited

Echolink nodes KE7JVX-L and KE7JVX-R are now limited to an approve list.  If you receive a “Not Authorized” message when you try to connect, send me an email (monty at and I will put you on the approved list.

New Truck’s First Mountain Trip

Well made a trip up to Sacaton.  Truck did Amazing!  Never lost traction and did very well.

While we were up there, got the radios all grounded inside, installed EEPROMs in each radio, and re-wired the transmit audio to give it better audio.

Netgear WNR3500L = Best router yet!

Been using my Linksys WRT-54G for years, finally decided to upgrade.  Got the 3500L, right out of the box put DD-WRT on it and never looked back.  I was getting around 46 mbps (download) on and around 35 mbps on  With the new router, my ping times are better and getting consistently 62 mbps on both sites.  Not bad for a $70 router.  BTW… Netgear firmware sucks… Glad DD-WRT went so smoothly.

Sacaton Pk is linked back up

Had some router issues at Casa Grande site, something with DD-WRT and PPPoE.  But its all resolved and now linked back in.

New Site Layout

I am currently updating this site, so a few things may be missing but will be back shortly.